What is leadership in a crisis

These days, you get dozens of results by searching for “leadership” and “economic crisis” on Google. The same happens when searching for “leadership” and “downsizing”. The general consensus is clear: during challenging times, individuals look to their leaders for inspiration, guidance and reassurance. But leaders are also the first to be blamed when things go wrong and people start losing their [...]

What is the relationship between leadership and Motivation?

Research on motivation and leadership continued for many years with little interaction between the two areas, although more recently motivational concepts have been drawn upon to understand leadership processes. Many motivational theories were posited to have direct implications for leader behaviour, however the evidence for motivational impact is [...]

What is leadership and does it matter?

We often talk about leadership but it is a controversial concept and there is little agreement about what it [...]

So what kind of leader will you be?

So what should leaders be like in these credit crunch times Andrea Facchini from Bizface opens up the discussion on this [...]