Does outsourcing cause jobs to be lost in the host country?

The evidence on this is actually mixed – in the United States studies have shown that in general outsourcing has a neutral effect on jobs if that outsourcing is done within the country. The types of jobs that are traditionally outsourced tend to fall into the range of low skilled or single skilled activities. Here we can think of typical clerical work or generic IT support – and it is in these areas that the structure of work is changing. [...]

How to set up an effective internal website?

A lot of money is invested by companies on implementing internal web sites, developing HR for the intranet to facilitate employee and management ‘self-service’. The aim is often to increase employee understanding of company goals and procedures and reduce workload on key personnel, enabling these personnel to become more strategic. Furthermore intranets can provide a greater degree of flexibility for individuals and groups as well as assist in the creation of a ‘learning organization’. However, despite the potential benefits to both the individual and the organization, utilization of these systems is generally low. So how can we get employees motivated to use self-service [...]

Put managers and employees to work on the change to reduce resistance

Many Change Managers assume that if the rationale for change is made clear to the organisation then they will go along with it. In the process of demonstrating the need to change and an understanding of the impact (on themselves and their group) employees will buy- in and thereafter work actively to realise it. There is an assumption behind all this that ‘Change’ is negotiated and develops over time and that the change agent’s task is merely to make clear the imperatives and the people will fall into [...]

How to Make Outsourcing Work

Moving non-core activities performed in-house to specialists outside the company helping the entrepreneur or business to focus on the core competencies and improve performance standards is the main premis of outsourcing. The growth and rewards of this practice can be quite high but the downsides are [...]

How to manage remote staff – tips and guidelines

Remote/virtual staff must clearly understand why they exist and be able to translate their purpose into actions. Research suggests greatest problem for staff and managers is still communication. Managers must become results oriented, shift from being a controller to a leader or coach. Need to develop specialised communication and planning skills, including the ability to communicate well [...]

The best practice of managing diversity at work

This article discusses what is meant by diversity, outlines the business case for taking a positive approach to diversity at work, and discusses the psychological underpinnings of related concepts such as stereotyping, prejudice and group membership. Most importantly it will highlight best practice for training and diversity awareness sessions, as recent research highlights that if not done correctly diversity training can actually make things [...]

Hiring Consultants – an ebook on selecting and contracting consultants

This is one of the short chapters from an ebook published by BizFace – its subject is hiring consultants. In the ebook you will be taken through a step-by-step guide into identifying the need, deciding what consultant is best for the job and selcting a suitable candidate. Comes complete with templates for the contract, problem are definition as well as a consulting person spec and seclection record. The full ebook is to purchase on the BizFace world [...]

What is the relationship between leadership and Motivation?

Research on motivation and leadership continued for many years with little interaction between the two areas, although more recently motivational concepts have been drawn upon to understand leadership processes. Many motivational theories were posited to have direct implications for leader behaviour, however the evidence for motivational impact is [...]

Main Content for a Training and Development Policy

This post covers the essential elements of a training and development [...]

Getting ready for change carrying out a readiness assessment

Many organizations find that change programmes, even apparently straightforward changes, fail to achieve their objectives. In many cases this is due to unclear aims, uncertain plans and a low awareness of what is required of the people [...]