Viral email marketing what works?

Stop with the enforced e-mail forwards already! Trying to force or bribe people to forward your info to a friends or family in order to be rewarded or win looks skanky in today’s ultra-permission-based world. Especially when you tell visitors nothing about their friend’s or family’s privacy in the space directly next to the e-mail [...]

6 Ways to Start with Facebook Marketing

When it comes to social networking Facebook is the largest of the social networks online – with more than 500 million registered users and the average user connected to 80 community pages, groups or events. For businesses this means that a Facebook page or other piece of Facebook real estate can be a serious way to generate social and viral traffic. There are 900 million objects that people could interact with which means in marketing terms if you want to get noticed you need to stand out. So you need to provide something that others don’t (unlikely) or what you do must be better than the [...]

Always Use Double Opt-In for your Email Newsletters

Today’s Internet marketing is plagued with email spam as spammers keep hammering our email inboxes with multiple offers for prescription drugs, get rich schemes and other more intimate products. To avoid being labelled as a spammer (and keep your marketing reputation intact) you need quality email content sent only to subscribers and only after receiving a double opt-in consent to do so. Your focus is to build a loyal responsive list of subscribers willing to receive your emails. And the safest way to build that list is with the double opt-in [...]

Create an Email Bulletin that works!

Have you been bombarded with email bulletins that are all lit up like July 4th with flash and images and bright colors! It is easy to make a bulletin that frightens the horses but in terms of effective marketing things can be a lot simpler. Like all forms of marketing, an email marketing campaign usually has a single end goal: the conversion of non-buyers into buyers or in our case to get people to join up. Decisions tend not to be made all at once, but rather in a series of small steps toward a commitment. For an email marketer, the first step toward conversion is signing up for your mailing list – after that it’s the click-through. Each time a subscriber takes an action a small behavioral commitment is made to the idea that you are [...]