Quality Plan Template - generic with main headers and suggested text

I have created a generic Quality plan for the community that may be useful as a starter for you own efforts in your company. Below is an extract from the first page of this 35 page document. A PDF of the full thing is avaiable to download – a link back to this post or even a thank you would be [...]

SERVQUAL - measuring service quality

SERVQUAL (Service Quality) is a self-administered questionnaire designed to measure how customers view/judge service quality. Parasuraman et al (1994) defined service quality as the degree of discrepancy between customers’ normative expectations for the service and their perceptions of the service performance.
Parasuraman made the assumption that customers judge service quality by making a comparison between their expectation of the service that they should receive and their perceptions of the service that they actually [...]

Quality assurance policy – this is a high level statement of aims and objectives

An assurance policy is a high level statement of objectives and approaches that are further worked out in the Quality Plan – shown here in this post is an example of the main clauses in the policy statement typically signed off by senior [...]