Recovering your external hard-disk

You can store your computer data in several different ways. Data can be stored on removable disks, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and other types of media. Even though there are several ways that you can store your data, at some point in time the electronic or mechanical device is bound to break down, resulting in a loss of data. Even though the device may work good for years, it can always break down when you least expect it, with no way to avoid [...]

Keep a cool head by cooling your Hard Drive

For several different reasons, storage is a very important part of a computer. These days, computers do far more than they ever have in the past. From businesses to family photo’s, storage is the ideal way to keep documents on your computer. The most popular method of storage is the hard disk drive, which we all count on for keeping our data [...]

The Twitter Tool-Box collection

I have posted a set of useful twitter tools that make the use of this micro blogging environment much more friendly – one of the best ones is the FireFox extension where you can post a tweet along with the link currently showing in the [...]