American Discovered by Welsh Columbus Day a Sham

As is well known by our American cousins Prince Madog ap Owain Gwynedd heir of Owain discovered America around the year 1200 some 300 years before Columbus and founded a colony near to Alabama (although the exact location of the earlier settlements is in dispute some claiming Tennessee a more likely [...]

Campaign to get Red Lady of Paviland returned to Wales

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The Red Lady of Paviland

As RoyMogg readers will be aware the ‘Red-Lady of Paviland’ currently resides in a box in Oxford and is the subject of action to attempt the repatriate the red-lady (actually red-bloke cos it is man!) to the land of origin Wales. The Red-Lady actually a red-ochre stained [...]

Return the Bardsey Crown to the land of Merlin

This is a take on the recent arguments in Wales for the Return of the Barsey Crown to Wales – it is currently kept in the maritime Museum in [...]